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System Scan Information - Free SpyWare Scan Summary

What is SpyWare?

SpyWare ('Spying Software') generally refers to applications that monitor and/or record PC activity. This may include spying on keyboard entry (including passwords) via keyloggers, websites visited and other prying into privacy. SpyWare can overlap with AdWare hence the signs, delivery methods and repairs are often the same.

What is Spyware in 60 Seconds Video
What is Spyware in 60 Seconds video

Is SpyWare harmful?

Forms of SpyWare can be used to trap passwords for access to accounts or banking details. Other forms may also be used for ID Theft. Imagine what could be done with someone just recording your keystrokes.

What can I do?

If you think you may already be infected, or would like to avoid SpyWare and other problems, then consider using security software. Such software can allow for a free scan to detect spyware, malware and more, including a free spyware scan. You may perform a free spyware scan today.

You can download PC Tools Internet Security 2009 for free scans. We believe this is one of the best system security products available. It has comprehensive security features including SpyWare, AdWare, Viruses, MalWare, SPAM, Firewall and more.

Also a free spyware scan with ParetoLogic - Anti-Spyware is worth considering as a compliment the main security software.

What are some signs of SpyWare?

Any of these may be a sign of SpyWare present on a PC:

  • PC Slow or Slowing.
  • Password Theft.
  • Home Page changing.
  • Unknown Search bar or Toolbar.
  • Unknown Phone Dialing.
  • Unknown Item in Favorites or Bookmarks.
  • Unknown Internet Activity.
  • Sudden pauses on your PC.
  • and many other signs.
How does SpyWare Happen?

SpyWare can infect a PC in many ways including:

  • Installing certain software.
  • Installing Browser Toolbars.
  • Downloading Music/Movies.
  • Allowing access to your PC.
  • and many other methods.
How to avoid SpyWare?

Use caution with your PC, especially when using the internet. Be wary of how others are using your computer. Try to avoid SpyWare from infecting your PC in some of the ways mentioned on this site.

One of the best ways to avoid spyware and other problems is to have up to date security software installed on your PC. Such software can detect pre-existing spyware, and block spyware before it infects your PC in the future. Security software can also detect and remove current other problems such as viruses.

free spyware scan with ParetoLogic - Anti-Spyware is also available to compliment the main security software.

A product that provides broad protection, including SpyWare, AdWare, Viruses, MalWare, SPAM, Firewall and more, is PC Tools Internet Security 2009. We think this is one of the best available system security products today.

You can download PC Tools Internet Security 2009 for free scanning and install now.

Last checked: January 27, 2010
This Free SpyWare Scan Summary information may be updated over time so please visit again.
This Information is provided for your consideration and we accept no responsibility for it's accuracy and timeliness nor appropriateness for your circumstances.

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