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System Scan Information - Free Registry Scan Summary

What is the System Registry?

In brief, the System Registry contains information regarding software and hardware on your PC.  The settings within the computer registry affects the way in which your PC operates and interacts. It is important for smooth system operation that the system registry remains stable.

Free Registry Scan Summary

Are Registry Errors harmful?

A corrupted System Registry can cause your PC to crash, slow down and generally perform poorly.  This may damage data and/or programs.  Individual programs can also behave erratically and crash.  This can affect productivity and optimal system performance, and yes can also be frustrating.  Generally the earlier that you detect registry errors the better for system stability.

What can I do?

Do you think you may have registry or program errors? There are software programs available that can scan your system for registry errors and program errors, and you can use these to perform a free registry scan today if you want.

You may download  PCTools - Registry Mechanic 8 for free scan, or try ParetoLogic - RegCure PC Optimizer, for a free scan to detect registry errors on your system.  Both are available to scan errors now.

What are some signs of System Registry corruption?

Any of these may be a sign of registry or program errors on a PC and may be used as a general method to detect registry errors manually, however not as thorough as a free system registry scan:

  • Repeated Errors.
  • Slow PC.
  • System Crashing.
  • "Blue Screens".
  • Programs Crashing.
  • Programs pausing.
  • Sudden pauses on your PC.
  • and many others.
How does the System Registry become corrupted?

The Registry can be corrupted in some of these ways:

  • Improper PC shutdown.
  • Incomplete Software Installation.
  • Incomplete Software Uninstall.
  • Incomplete Upgrades.
  • Failed Installs/Uninstalls.
  • Installing certain incomplete software.
  • Allowing access to your PC.
  • and many other methods.
How to avoid Registry and Program Errors?

Use caution with your PC, especially when installing software or removing software programs.  Avoid resetting your personal computer when installing or uninstalling software, unless otherwise instructed during the process.

Follow program installation/uninstall instructions carefully and consider the options presented on the screen before simply just clicking 'next'.

Be careful which software you are installing:

  • Is it compatible with your system?
  • Is it complete or still in development?
  • Does it come with an uninstaller?
  • Do you trust the software?
  • Do you trust the vendor?

Backup your system registry before installing/uninstalling software.

Avoid turning off, or restarting, your system while programs are still running.

If you think registry or program errors are already on your system, then consider using a program to perform a  free system registry scan to help detect registry errors and repair such errors?  A good practice is to scan your registry periodically to minimize the chances of errors compounding.

You may try PCTools - Registry Mechanic 8, or download ParetoLogic - RegCure PC Optimizer, for a free registry error scan on your system now.

Last checked: June 29, 2010
This Free Registry Scan Summary information may be updated over time so please visit again.
This Information is provided for your consideration and we accept no responsibility for it's accuracy and timeliness nor appropriateness for your circumstances.

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