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System Scan Information - Free MalWare Scan Summary

What is MalWare?

The term 'MalWare' has evolved as a 'catch-all' phrase that can encompass any manner of viruses, spyware, adware or worms etc.  The term can be derived from the phrase 'Malicious Software' and can be used to describe a wide range of problems.

What is MalWare in 60 Seconds Video
What is MalWare in 60 Seconds Video

Is MalWare harmful?

Since MalWare combines viruses, spyware etc, it can be harmful like each of these respective types of problems.  The problems can range from erasing data, stealing information to just annoying advertising.

Some of the problems associated with viruses, spyware etc and more details of these are covered elsewhere in this site.

What can I do?

If there is a chance that some form of malware may have infected your PC then you want to think about using security software. Some security software allows for a free scan to check if you may have MalWare and you can do a free scan today.

Download PC Tools Internet Security 2009 for free scan.  We think this is one of the best  products available for system security. It has comprehensive security features including MalWare, Viruses, SpyWare, AdWare, SPAM, Firewall and more.

free scan with ParetoLogic - Anti-Spyware is also an option complimenting your main security software, to perform a free malware scan today.

What are some signs of MalWare?

Any of the following could be a sign that MalWare is on a PC:

  • Spying.
  • Logging Keystrokes.
  • Password Theft.
  • Annoying Popups.
  • PC or browser Hijacking.
  • Unknown Tool or search bar in browser.
  • Unknown Item in Bookmarks or Favorites.
  • Unknown Internet Access.
  • Random PC Pauses.
  • Home Page changing on it's own.
  • Unexpected Phone Dialing or on bill.
  • PC Slow.
  • Program Crashes.
  • Programs halting/pausing.
  • and many other malware signs.
How does MalWare Happen?

The problem is MalWare can infect your PC in so many ways including:

  • Music Downloads.
  • Movies Downloads.
  • Installing unknown software.
  • Installing unknown Browser Toolbars.
  • Allowing others to access to your PC.
  • Via EMail
  • Via disk, CD, DVD or flash drive etc
  • and many others.
How to avoid MalWare?

Be prudent with your PC use, especially using the internet and of who is using your computer and how.  Try to avoid infection also by reading some of the methods mentioned on this site.

Make sure you have up to date security installed. This software can detect MalWare that may already be on your PC, and block more before it infects.

For broad security protection, including Malware, Viruses, SpyWare, AdWare, SPAM, Firewall and more, try PC Tools Internet Security 2009. It has scanning and real-time blocking and we think it is one of the better system security products available.

You may download PC Tools Internet Security 2009 and install now for free scan and we would recommend doing a PC scan.

Last checked: January 27, 2010
This Free MalWare Scan Summary information may be updated over time so please visit again.
This Information is provided for your consideration and we accept no responsibility for it's accuracy and timeliness nor appropriateness for your circumstances.

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