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PC Tools  Registry Mechanic 8 is designed to scan the system registry checking for registry and program errors and more.  You then have the option to clean detected problems.

There is also a registry backup feature and scans can be set to run on demand or automatically at startup. 

It is available for a free registry scan and you may download it today.

Registry Mechanic is a highly rated and an award winning software product which has been downloaded over 50 million times.

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Overview: PC Tools  Registry Mechanic 8 is designed to scan your system registry from top to bottom, searching for possible problems/errors caused by invalid entries.

Such problems, or registry errors, may be the cause of other symptoms occurring on your PC such as:

  • Slow PC
  • Slow PC Startup
  • PC pauses
  • CPU hogging
  • System Crashes
  • Program Crashes
  • "Blue screens"
  • Error messages
  • Registry Errors
  • Program Errors
  • DLL errors
  • Shortcut errors
  • Unstable System
  • and more 

After the scan is complete then Registry Mechanic will report errors found and prompt the user for action.  You can then select which entries to repair, to repair all or ignore.

Note: it is important to consider your options carefully when repairing/changing the system registry.

As a precaution, Registry Mechanic also is able to backup your registry prior to any repairs.

PC Tools Registry Mechanic also has the ability to defrag your system registry and to compact it, further trying to improve your system's performance. 

PC Tools Registry Mechanic Information
Registry Mechanics "Home" screen providing quick access to
key functions like Scan, Optimize, Tune-up and more.

The software is designed with both the novice and advanced user in mind and is easy to navigate it's core functions.

Registry Mechanic also features optimization and tune-up functionality.

It features a real-time mode, the registry can be monitored for changes, prompting the user and even suggesting a scan if required.

Scans can also be set to run automatically at startup, in addition to the on demand scans.

Registry Mechanic has it's own updater built in to keep the software up to date. 

System Requirements - Operating System:  
Designed for Windows® Vista™ 32-bit, 2000 and XP.
PC Tools Registry Mechanic Information

User Interface:  We found Registry Mechanic easy to use and fast to navigate around.  The 'Home' screen provides quick and easy access to many of the core functions required to use the software.

PC Tools: Registry Mechanic is recommended and rated highly.  It has received many awards and is very popular having over 50 million downloads.

Vigilance: You should refer to our System Solution Summary  regarding the importance of understanding system repair products and how they should be used with your own caution and vigilance.

Free Features:  The registry scans are completely free and this software even allows for the repair of certain items for free. 


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Registry Mechanic Download  Registry Mechanic Information

PCTools - Registry Mechanic Download

 PCTools - Registry Mechanic Download


Registry Mechanic



PC Tools Registry Mechanic Review

  Free System Scan Review PC Tools Registry Mechanic
 Download PC Tools Registry Mechanic Download
 Registry Errors In brief, the System Registry contains information regarding software and hardware on your PC. The settings within the computer registry affects the way in which your PC operates and interacts. It is important for smooth system operation that the system registry remains stable. Yes
 Program Errors Yes
 Crashes Yes
 Invalid Entries Yes
 DLL Errors Yes
 Shortcut Errors Yes
 Driver Errors Yes
 Clean PC Yes
 -Auto Yes
 -Manual Yes
 Optimize PC Yes
 Registry Backup Yes
 More Info

PC Tools Registry Mechanic Info

 Updater  Ongoing Update Yes
 Real-Time  Operates in background as PC may perform normal tasks. Yes
 Schedule Scheduled Scans Startup

PC Tools Registry Mechanic Download

 Review Registry Mechanic

 PC Tools Registry Mechanic Review


PC Tools Registry Mechanic Download


PCTools - Registry Mechanic Download

  PCTools - Registry Mechanic Download

This software product is now available for download and you may perform a free scan.
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